Hi folks, thanks for stopping by!

Hope you enjoy the new website, I'm stoked to finally have it up and running! I look forward to keeping you posted on musical updates - I'm in the studio with the band working with my good friend and engineer/producer Craig Smith. We're hoping to have some new music for you in 2014; I've already completed recordings of a couple of tracks and contemplating either a double EP release or two separate releases. If it goes down like that, you can expect an album of singer/songwriter oriented material and an album full of dirty, gritty low-tuned electric blues-based music. I have so many musical interests and ways it comes out of me that it seems difficult to streamline it all into one project that has the continuity I'm seeking. I suppose that's a good problem to have... :)

Wish you all the best this holiday season, and be sure to be good to each other out there - we're all in this thing together. Please drop back in again soon!